Tree Clearance

Tree Clearance

Our comprehensive Tree Clearance service can deal with trees of any size and diameter.

When tree clearance projects involve removing whole trees, we generally use mechanical felling where possible which means felling the tree in one piece as safely as possible.

Once a tree has been felled, we can then mulch and remove the excavated stump, root ball and any other remains of the tree. What’s more, any organic waste material from tree can either be incorporated into topsoil on-site or transported away to be used for biomass fuel – all as part of our fast, safe and efficient service.

Tree Clearance

State-of-the-art Machinery

For bigger tree clearance projects, we use a range of large, state-of-the-art site machinery, including mechanical tree shears, a 600hp wood chipper, and a forestry forwarder – all of which can handle material of any size.

When mulching the resulting vegetation, Active Site Clearance leave your site ready for ground works. The mulched material is in many cases incorporated into the top soil or can be scraped up and stockpiled on site for use as a mulching medium.

Commercial services include;

Finally, it’s not always essential to remove a whole tree and our team of experienced and qualified arboriculturists can provide a full tree surgery service.

For a professional tree clearance service please contact one of the Active Site Clearance specialists where your individual requirements can be discussed and a fee proposal produced.

For information and advice on tree work terminology visit The Arboricultural Association

For more info on our Tree Clearance services please send an online enquiry or telephone us on 01257 462252.

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