Newt & Vole Relocation

Newt & Vole Relocation

Newt and Vole Relocation

Active Site Clearance has a specialist ecology team which routinely supervises the delicate procedure of manually trapping and relocating wildlife discovered during a survey to designated habitats. If necessary, any trapping and relocation are followed up by installing specialist newt and vole exclusion fencing.

Active Site Clearance endeavours to avoid the need for extensive newt or vole trapping & relocation, however, if water vole latrines, great crested newt eggs or other physical signs of voles or newts are discovered, and the project location offers no refuge for the newts or voles, or there is any other specific requirement to move/exclude the animals such as likely re-colonisation, then a programme of trapping and relocation will be devised.

Active Site Clearance has a range of trapping methods and trapping equipment at its disposal to safely and legally relocate any animals (including water voles and great crested newts).

It may be necessary to implement a mitigation programme if there is no alternative habitat available for the trapped animals to be relocated to in the vicinity and there will be temporary or permanent loss of habitat or sufficient disturbance of the newts or voles to cause migration

This mitigation programme will include the creation of a new alternative habitat for wildlife, such as water voles or newts. If there is a temporary loss of habitat, it may be required by legislation to relocate the wildlife back to its original habitat.

Active Site Clearance is experienced at producing habitats for relocated wildlife and has the expertise to construct all manner of mitigation projects and landscape designs.

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