Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land Contaminated Land

Active Site Clearance has a vast range of environmental / land remediation techniques and waste disposal methods. We carry out the on-site remediation processes to clean up contaminated land to provide our client with a clean and valuable site on which to develop. We believe in sustainable land remediation and can continue to offer a service of consultancy once the land has been cleaned.

Site-specific Assessment

Active Site Clearance will undertake a site-specific assessment; identify any contaminants in either soil or groundwater. Then implement the most economical clean-up methods and techniques. Contaminants are removed/separated from the land using remediation technologies and then either recycled, reinstated or disposed of, adhering to British & EU Standards & Guidelines. This can all be completed whilst minimising the carbon footprint of the clean-up process. Whichever contaminated land remediation strategy is adopted, we ensure that all our work is completed on time and to budget.

The excavation and handling of contaminated materials, hazardous wastes and liquid wastes are only undertaken by our fully trained and experienced operatives, who are all CSCS carded.

Active Site Clearance provides land remediation to contractors, consultants, architects, landowners, and government authorities.

Contaminated Land Testing

Before commencing works on site, Active Site Clearance offers a variety of contaminated land testing and surveying options.

We always recommend thorough land investigation during the project planning phase of construction to allow any contaminates, or other issues to be identified and rectified before work commences.

We may manually dig a small hole/trench or use an excavator to allow an expert to assess ground conditions. If contaminates such as Japanese Knotweed or Giant Hogweed are found, we offer a range of eradication options.

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