Environmental Policy

It is essential that all our work carried out complies with the “Wildlife and Countryside Act”, 1981 and the “Countryside and Rights of Way Act”, 2000. We assess the situation before work commences and if nesting birds are discovered subsequently we report and determine further action. We also ensure bats are not roosting in trees in the compliance with the “Countryside and Rights of Way Act”, 2000.

We are concerned for the Health and Safety of out employees and also instruct them in great detail to allow work to be carried out with the minimum impact on the environment. The compliance with Environmental Legislation is considered very important and is incorporated into our business activities. Employees are instructed on environmental concerns significant to each operation. Where possible all waste is recycled and if appropriate new products bought from re-usable sources.

If practicable, hazardous products will be replaced with those more sympathetic to the environment. However if hazardous products are in use, Health and Safety procedures involving the product are followed in great detail. In order to lower our carbon footprint we endeavour to reduce the use of non-renewable resources and clients will be informed of our Environmental Policy and the issues affecting them. Commitment to the environment is continuous and an evolving concern.

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