Wildlife/Forest Fencing

Wildlife/Forest Fencing

Wildlife/Forest Fencing

In accordance with British Standard 5837 Trees in Relation to Construction Recommendations 2005, fences must be erected around any trees that are to be protected. This British Standard is in place to protect and prevent damage to the tree and its root system during any form of construction or development. All our tree protection fencing meets BS 5837.

The most imperative aspects of tree protection on developments sites are:

  • Choosing which trees to retain and protect, and which trees to fell
  • Determining sustainable tree / building separation
  • Protecting trees effectively throughout the development

Before deciding which trees are to be retained and which are to be felled, it is recommended that a qualified arboriculturist completes a tree survey. This ensures that any decision is fully informed, and we also check that the trees do not have a tree preservation order or reside in a conservation area. Active Site Clearance can offer such a service, please refer to our tree survey service.

Our tree protection fencing is installed to provide support and shielding for a tree to ensure that any land development surrounding the tree does not adversely affect it.

Tubex plant protection is available in a variety of heights depending on the size of the planting stock and on the species threatening the plant:

ThreatProtection HeightsStake Heights
Roe Deer/Muntjac1.20m1.50m
Fallow Deer1.50m1.80m

For more information please send an online enquiry or telephone us on 01257 462252.

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