General Fencing

Wildlife/Forest Fencing

In accordance with British Standard 5837 Trees in Relation to Construction Recommendations 2005, fences must be erected around any trees that are to be protected. This British Standard is in place in order to protect and prevent damage to the tree and it’s root system during any form of construction or development. All our tree protection fencing meets BS 5837.

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Agricultural Fencing

The company has a wide range of agricultural fencing solutions to meet all land reinstatement or temporary fencing requirements. Types of agricultural fencing we install include:

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Temporary Fencing

The temporary fencing we offer meets the requirements of HSE document; Protecting the Public – your next move HSG151 GS 7, with compliant panels known as anti-climb panels where the mesh is 30mm wide. These are the most common style of temporary panels used and are installed either with concrete or recycled plastic foot blocks.

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