Ecological Survey

Ecological Survey

Active Site Clearance offers an ecological survey of protected wildlife and relocation procedures.

Ecological Surveys

The timing of all ecological surveys can be critical, for example, it is illegal to disturb a hibernating vole or newt. Months of hibernation range from October to March for water voles and November until February for great crested newts. Good forward planning and early ecological surveys will avoid any delays due to legislation. Our experienced ecologists will ensure any legislation is satisfied and that the ecology survey and work are completed with minimal impact on the project. Active Site Clearance also offers a service for surveying and monitoring wildlife, including water voles and great crested newts, during and after the development if required.

Dealing with and surveying for protected species is highly legislated, for example, preventions are in place to stop the disruption of a habitat or any place that a water vole uses for shelter or protection. Experienced ecologists can give details and advice on legislation impacting a project and carrying out relocation programmes.

Active Site Clearance holds ecology licenses for a range of protected species, including:

  • Mammals: water voles, badgers, red squirrels, bats
  • Reptiles and Amphibians: including great crested newts
  • Birds: breeding and overwintering species

For more information please send an online enquiry or telephone us on 01257 462252.

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