Tree Surveys

tree surveys

Tree Surveys

Active Site Clearance completes a variety of tree surveys. Arboriculturists carry these out with experience surveying trees on development sites. Survey works undertaken include:

  • Retention Classification Survey as per BS5837: 2005
  • Safety in The Occupiers Liability Act 1957 & 1984
  • The legal status of trees, disease/decay affecting trees
  • Tree condition survey, structural & physiological

We specialise in tree surveys for developments; this involves assessing which trees may need to be removed to facilitate the development and which are retained for Landscaping (proposed amenity value) post-development.

All our tree surveys are carried out in accordance with British Standard BS5837: 2005 Trees in Relation to Construction – Recommendations to identify suitable retention trees. A constraints plan in the survey results will indicate development constraints. These constraints include tree position, future crown spread, root protection area, shade assessment, the useful life expectancy of retained trees, and wildlife features (e.g. birds, nests, bat roosts as per the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981). Trees may also be the subject of a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or may be located within a Conservation Area; notice of intent or application for work to protected trees will be submitted.

If applicable, planning applications should now include arboricultural impact assessments. Following this assessment, a method statement and plans for tree protection must be drawn up to give details of tree protection procedures during land development.

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