Land Remediation

Land Remediation

land remediation Land Remediation

Active Site Clearance has an extensive range of land remediation techniques and waste disposal methods.

We carry out on site land remediation processes to clean-up contaminated land to provide our client with a clean and valuable site on which to develop. We believe in sustainable remediation and can continue to offer a service of consultancy once the land has been cleaned.

The company holds the following licenses for contaminated land:

•    Mobile plant waste management license
•    Waste carriers license

Contaminated Land

Active Site Clearance undertake a site-specific assessment; identify any contaminants in either soil or groundwater. Then implement the most economical clean-up methods and techniques. Contaminants are removed / separated from the land using various remediation technologies and either recycled, reinstated or disposed of adhering to British & EU Standards & Guidelines.

We provide land remediation to contractors, utilities companies, consultants, architects, landowners and government authorities amongst others.

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Contaminated Land Testing

Prior to commencing works on site, Active Site Clearance offers a variety of contaminated land testing and surveying options.

We always recommend thorough contaminated land investigation during the project planning phase of construction to allow any contaminates or other issues to be identified and rectified before work commences.

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