Newt Fencing

Newt Fencing

Once the Great Crested Newts and/or Water Voles have been appropriately relocated, it is then required that temporary or permanent exclusion fencing is erected that meets the specific requirements of the project and all applicable legislation. Active Site Clearance supplies and installs newt and water vole exclusion fencing that meets Gov Guidelines introduced in 2001.

Due to their territorial and persistent nature, the water voles need more extensive and specialist exclusion fencing. This includes submerging exclusion fencing below the surface of the affected watercourse and sinking fencing below the ground surface. Water vole meshing or water vole netting may also be required to prevent re-colonisation.

Our exclusion fencing structures can be adapted to include specialist features for any client’s individual project requirements, these may include:

  • Ditch crossings to stop newts or voles passing through whilst allowing water to flow
  • One-way newt fencing. Aiding trapping, this fencing allows great crested newts to travel in a single direction.

Our exclusion fencing is recyclable and highly durable therefore making it reusable.

For more information please send an online enquiry or telephone us on 01257 462252.

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