Ecological Landscaping

Ecological Landscaping

Ecological Landscaping

Active Site Clearance are experts in Ecological Landscaping. Our highly skilled team of landscapers will transform the visions of our clients and architects into a living reality.  Whether it’s complete woodlands, lakes, paths or trees and hedging, our construction team delivers. Our thorough planning process, coupled with our excellent construction management, ensures we endeavour to deliver on time and on budget. Our team of CSCS card-holding landscapers operate with one eye on attention to detail and one on the larger picture of budgets and deadlines.

Areas of Expertise

The company has both the landscape construction resources and expertise to produce stunning landscape constructions with character for areas including, but not limited to:

  • Lakes
  • Entire woodlands
  • Expansive slopes
  • Streetscapes and urban developments
  • Production Landscapes
  • All manner of parks

Due to the nature of our business, we have access to high-quality mulch to suppress weeds, minimise the need for watering and provide nutrients and protection from frost for the newly planted shrubs.  This is essential for establishing the new plants and helping them grow to their potential in any landscape construction.

We also offer various fencings, from temporary hoardings whilst construction is carried out to permanent agricultural or ornamental fencings to finish our client’s landscape construction.  We have experience in tree and hedge planting as well as sowing grasslands.

Active Site Clearance can maintain our client’s landscape through our vegetation management service following any landscape constructions.

For more info on Ecological Landscaping please send an online enquiry or telephone us on 01257 462252.

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