Site Clearance & Tree Clearance Warrington

Site Clearance & Tree Clearance Warrington

Tree Clearance Stoke

Site Clearance in Warrington

Active Site Clearance, a service provider covering Warrington, offers a comprehensive, reliable, and efficient site and tree clearance service. We remove buildings, structures, plants, trees, vegetattion and other debris from sites, aiming to level and flatten them in preparation for landscaping, development, or construction.

Our expertise lies in executing large-scale industrial and commercial site clearance and excavation projects. We can dispatch qualified staff and suitable plant machinery to any site requiring building demolition, extensive tree and vegetation clearance, or hazardous waste removal.

Our Process

Upon clearing a piece of land, we assume responsibility for arranging the efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally acceptable disposal or recycling of the waste we collect.

We can chip, shred, or mulch plant or tree material, enabling its utilisation to enrich the site’s topsoil or recycle it as biomass material. Non-reusable waste typically finds use in landfill and other reclamation projects. Hazardous or dangerous waste is transported and disposed of in compliance with relevant legislation or policies.

Irrespective of the land type we clear or the waste we remove, you can trust that the resulting site will be clear, level, and fully prepared for any construction, development, or landscaping project.


We employ high-powered machinery to ensure prompt and efficient land clearance services that adhere to project schedules. When mulching vegetation, we leave your site ready for ground works. In most cases, the mulched material is either incorporated into the topsoil or scraped up and stockpiled on-site for use as a mulching medium.

For professional and environmentally friendly site clearance, land clearance, and tree clearance services in Warrington, please get in touch with one of our Active Site Clearance specialists. They will discuss your specific requirements and provide a fee proposal.

For more information on Site Clearance Stoke please send an contact us or phone us on 01257 462252.

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