Tree Planting

At Active Site Clearance, our comprehensive and high-specification tree planting service can add valuable sustainability and regeneration factors to most environmental and land remediation projects.

Manually-planted trees not only benefit the environment directly, but can also provide long term improvements to contaminated land and often deliver financial gains – and we currently work with a number of clients to help them realise the full potential of prospective tree planting sites.

Our approach to planting involves an initial site evaluation, before designing a full tree planting scheme based around each individual species to be planted. Our teams of planting staff are also fully trained and highly experienced, which means we can work exceptionally fast and we always ensure that the time that each tree is out of the ground is minimised.

What’s more, we source each tree we plant from trusted suppliers, and our entire tree planting service has been designed so that all trees we handle enjoy a healthy start and a strong future. Ongoing care and maintenance also form a significant part of our tree planting service, and we’re just as committed to enhancing the surrounding environment and wildlife habitats as we are to protecting the trees we plant.

In addition to planting, we can also provide specialist advice and guidance on appropriate species together with detailed tree planting schedules for anything from a small domestic garden, to a prestigious development project.

And with a client list that ranges from commercial organisations through to local authorities and independent environmental schemes, we’ve proved that we can tackle virtually any size of tree planting project – from a single, individual tree to a large scale growth and regeneration initiative.


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